The U.S. Department of Commerce blocked 38 Huawei affiliates

US Secretary of State, Pompeo said in his latest statement that the US Department of Commerce continues to tighten restrictions on Huawei’s access to US company technology.

At the same time, 38 affiliates of Huawei in 21 countries or regions around the world were added to the list of entities to block US companies from trading with these subsidiaries.

Huawei ban

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This time, Huawei’s cloud computing team and R&D team were added to the list of entities to be banned. The ban will have a greater impact on Huawei cloud computing.

Cloud computing platforms usually require the deployment of a large number of technology products and hardware products. If they are added to the entities list, it means that they can no longer buy chips from American companies.

The so-called entity list is an export control blacklist formulated by the US Department of Commerce. According to its regulations, US companies must obtain a license for transactions with entity list companies.

Via: washingtonpost