Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

The Pop!_OS 20.04 released

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Pop! _OS is based on the Ubuntu and GNOME desktop environments and aims to provide users with a personalized and fresh experience. Although based on the GNOME desktop environment, System76 customizes user interfaces, drivers, and more, with a modern, simple look and a better user experience.

The creative and functional focus of Pop! _OS is aimed at professional users, making Linux desktops more productive and a great helper for engineers, developers, and computer scientists.

Pop!_OS encrypts your installation by default and is the only distro that enables full-disk encryption out-of-the-box from System76. A unique and private encryption key is generated during setup after you receive your computer.

Privacy is precious. Pop!_OS does not collect or store any information from user installations. Minimal OS and hardware version data is used (but not stored) to provide firmware and software updates and connectivity verification.

Pop!_OS also features automatic firmware updates on System76 laptops helping keep your pc secure and reliable.

Changelog Pop!_OS 20.04 

Hybrid graphics

In addition to switching between Intel and NVIDIA graphics, you can choose Hybrid Graphics from the system menu. In Hybrid Graphics mode, your laptop runs on the battery-saving Intel GPU and only uses the NVIDIA GPU for applications you designate. To do this, simply right-click on the app icon and select “Launch using Dedicated Graphics Card”.

Flatpak support with the Flathub repository

Now when you download an application, you have the option to pull packages from the Pop!_OS, Flathub, or Ubuntu repositories. Flatpak/Flathub support expands our software library and the number of applications available to you. Furthermore, applications packaged through Flatpak have significant privacy advantages, as these applications are limited in their access to only what the application requires to function.