Sat. Aug 15th, 2020

The patent shows Microsoft wants to install solar panels on Microsoft Surface stand for charging

2 min read

Many Microsoft Surface devices are usually full-touch tablets, and then they can be turned into laptops with Microsoft’s keyboard and stand.

The Microsoft accessories are usually a combination of a keyboard and a stand. Users only need to place the tablet on the stand and use it without the need for an external keyboard.

What’s interesting is that Microsoft seems to be preparing to bring additional features to the stand: that is, installing a solar panel and then charging the device when receiving light.

A few days ago, the World Intellectual Property Office announced a patent filed by Microsoft in 2018, which is entitled “Mobile device cover with integrated solar panel”.

Microsoft stated in the patent description that the protective cover of the mobile device can both provide protection for the user equipment and a keyboard for users to connect with the keyboard.

What’s more important is that the solar panel is located on the bracket of the protective cover, and can be used to adjust the angle of the bracket so as to be able to maximally receive light and generate electricity.

At present, the idea of ​​Microsoft just stays in the patent stage and is not actually used, because many published patents have not been converted into actual products in the end.

Of course, it is also difficult to place the solar panel on the thin and light protective cover. The solar panel is usually fragile and requires an integrated circuit board.

If the thickness of solar panels and integrated circuit boards cannot be reduced, the protective cover may be too thick and heavy, which will affect the user experience.