Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

The official Ubuntu 18.10 integration with Android is delayed

2 min read

We all know that the seamless integration between iOS and macOS gives users great convenience – making their devices work well together, which is where everyone pays tribute. Like many users, we are looking forward to having this experience on platforms other than Apple.

Previously, we reported that Ubuntu 18.10 would achieve better integration with Android systems by offering GSConnect as part of the desktop (KDE Connect’s GNOME port). This way we can start Ubuntu and view the notifications of Android phones on the desktop, transfer files to or from Nautilus to the computer, monitor battery life, pay close attention to call information, send text messages via computer, etc. The kind of interaction between macOS and iOS.

However, according to the latest news, Ubuntu 18.10 will not provide this “out of the box” integration with Android. Because Ubuntu developers think this small extension is a bit too crude, it’s not ready to appear on the desktop of millions of users by default.

This feature is provided by the GSconnect GNOME Shell extension and is a Qt-free implementation of the KDE Connect service, and Ubuntu desktop director Will Cooke has proposed to provide this functionality during the development cycle in earlier versions of Ubuntu 18.10.

Although the official implementation has not yet been completed, we can still manually install the extensions to meet your seamless operating experience, which can be installed by using Ubuntu Software. GSConnect developer Andy Holmes is also working on rewriting the new version of the extension from scratch.

The gnome-shell-extension-gsconnect package in Ubuntu project is the new “WIP” version packaged by Ubuntu developers, included in Ubuntu 18.10’s “universe” repository (software in ‘universe’) Not “official support” but more comfortable to install).