The latest update of Windows 11 may potentially affect the performance of SSDs

Microsoft released the Moment 2 update patch for Windows 11 last week, which included the KB5023706 update to fix slow file copying speed. However, for some users, the patch had the opposite effect, as many NVMe SSD users reported longer system and game loading times and some even claimed that the transfer performance was halved.

Tom’s Hardware reported that after Microsoft pushed this patch, many people complained about this issue. Some users claimed that their SSD speed dropped from 7,000MB/s before the update to 3,000MB/s.

CrystalDiskMark tests showed a significant drop in write performance, especially in continuous write performance under deep queues, and read performance was also affected to some extent.

However, not everyone experienced this issue, and Tom’s Hardware repeated the test without encountering this problem. If you encounter slow SSD performance after upgrading to Windows 11, you can wait for Microsoft’s next patch to fix it, or you can rollback by following these steps:

  • Right click the Start button and open Settings
  • Near the bottom left, click the Windows Update section
  • Click Update History
  • Scroll down to the Uninstall Updates section and click it.
  • Select KB5023706, before confirming the action with the ‘Uninstall’ button.