The Importance of Cyber Security Practices

Cybersecurity is growing ever more important today. We do everything on the internet. It is crucial to know that we are protected. Personal information about each and every one of us can be found on the web. Many cyber attackers are looking for ransom with 53% of attacks ending with over $500,000 in losses, according to a report published by Cisco. It is important to understand who can be attacked and who is the most vulnerable to these attacks.

Who is Most Vulnerable Towards a Cyber Security Attack

According to the Congressional Small Business Committee, 71% of cyber attacks happened in businesses with less than 100 employees. Why is this? Many smaller companies do not have the resources for advanced security like a larger company. Many cyberattacks are used to steal credit card data. Larger businesses have a more secure network leaving it harder for the attacker to breach. We can all protect our businesses from cyber attacks once we understand what cyber security best practices are.

How Do I Protect Against A Cyber Attack

There are many different ways to protect a business from a cyber attack. It is important that they are used together. A company is still at risk if all practices are not implemented.

1. Set Up a Firewall

This is the first line of defense against a cyber attack. Whether you are working in an office or working from home it is important that a firewall is set up on the network. Firewalls will protect from suspicious activity breaching the system.

2. Educate the Team

It is important that all employees understand what to look for with a cyber attack. It should be made clear to each employee to not open suspicious emails or click on unknown links since these are some of the biggest reasons for data breaches.

3. Password Protect

This is so important. Passwords need to be complex and different for every employee. It may also be a good idea to change passwords every 30 days.

4. Data Back-Up

By backing up all data, you are preparing in the event of a cyber attack. This will allow a company to operate with the data current to the last back up. Data should be backed up daily to ensure the most up to date information is being saved.

5. Anti-Malware Software Should be Installed

Most attacks happen because an employee clicked on a suspicious email, website, or link. Installing anti-malware software will work as a line of defense against this.

As a company, if all necessary protections are implemented, you can protect your business and the personal information of all your customers. Cyber attacks are so common that it is often said that there are 2 types of businesses, one that has been a victim to a cyber attack and one that will fall victim to a cyber attack. According to a Cisco Annual Security Report, cyber attacks are increasing fourfold. We need to do our part to prevent these attacks.

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