“The Elder Scrolls Online” game will support DLSS/DLAA technology

Alex Tardif, the chief graphics engineer of game developer ZeniMax Online Studios, stated on his Twitter account that “The Elder Scrolls Online” will not only support NVIDIA’s DLSS technology but also support the new DLAA technology. This is the first appearance of technology.

“The Elder Scrolls Online – Zaintiraris Chamber” by Xenomurphy is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Nvidia’s DLAA is a brand-new technology, the full name is “Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing”. The game can use AI technology to provide better anti-aliasing at full resolution. In theory, DLAA technology will surpass TAA technology or AA technology to provide the best anti-aliasing effect. Compared with DLSS technology, DLAA technology will focus more on quality rather than performance.

In the latest ESO live broadcast, ZeniMax Online Studios introduced the relevant updates but did not provide a preview of the screen after opening the DLAA technology. Rich Lambert, creative director of ZeniMax Online Studios, said that “The Elder Scrolls Online” is the first game to support Nvidia’s DLAA technology, which is the result of the cooperation with Nvidia to develop new technologies. On some GeForce RTX graphics cards, the frame rate is already high enough. The goal of DLAA technology is not to improve performance, but to obtain incredible anti-aliasing effects.

However, ZeniMax Online Studios has not yet determined when the new technology update patch for “The Elder Scrolls Online” will be released, and it may take a while.