The British government announced that Huawei is allowed to participate in the local 5G network construction

After a long discussion, the British government finally decided not to follow the United States, Huawei and its affiliates from China will be allowed to participate in the construction of 5G networks.

However, after the assessment, the British government listed Huawei as a high-risk supplier, and at the same time, in certain aspects, it will impose specific restrictions on Huawei’s participation in network construction.

For example, Huawei can widely participate in the network construction of local operators but exclude core facilities. At the same time, critical facilities such as the military also do not allow high-risk suppliers.

Finally, the company will also be limited to supplying 35% of network equipment and base stations or carrying 35% of network traffic.

The National Cyber Security Centre said that high-risk vendors are primarily defined as those who may pose greater security issues or resilience risks to BT’s network.

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To this end, the Cyber ​​Security Centre has developed relevant guidelines for high-risk suppliers and provides local network operators in the UK with guidance that meets the requirements of the British government.

For example, high-risk suppliers cannot participate in core network facilities, including data centers, data stations of telecommunication networks, or facilities connecting these data centers.

Non-core networks mainly include those wireless access points, which are similar to base station facilities. Such facilities usually do not involve critical data and are easier to isolate and protect.

To this end, British telecommunications operators have previously separated key networks from ordinary networks, so operators can more easily deploy 5G with this guide.

Via: CNN