The 2022 MacBook Air will adopt a new design

It has long been rumored that the new MacBook Air will be the same as the new 24-inch iMac, and will have a variety of color options. In addition, the new MacBook Air will also introduce a mini-LED display, and be equipped with a MagSafe magnetic charging interface and USB 4 interface. However, due to supply shortages in all links of the entire supply chain, Apple’s partners have continued to experience delays, leading to repeated delays in the timetable.

According to Macrumors, the new MacBook Air will be mass-produced in the third quarter of next year. Apple is likely to hold a new MacBook Air conference in October or November next year. Consumers should be able to get this product in the fourth quarter of next year, but the waiting time may be longer.

MacBook Air 2021
The slow progress of the new MacBook Air is largely due to the big changes in design. In addition to a thinner and lighter body, a MagSafe magnetic charging port, and several USB 4 ports, the mini-LED display is what consumers care most about.

As for the effect of the mini-LED display, the upcoming new 14-inch and 16-inch Macbook Pro models may be able to see the answer. The new MacBook Air will be equipped with an improved version of the M1. The CPU part has 8 cores, 4 high-performance cores, and 4 efficiency cores, and the GPU part has 9 or 10 cores. The new chip frequency will be higher than M1. As TSMC’s mass production of the new process may be delayed, this will affect the progress of Apple’s entire project.