Intel has no plans to use 3D packaging technology on Xeon processors

Foveros 3D packaging can be said to be Intel’s most advanced packaging technology, but it is still in the market test stage, only Lakefield processors are in use, and overall shipments are not too high. The consumer market is expected to use Foveros 3D packaging on Meteor Lake processors launched in 2024. However, in the server market, Intel currently has no plans to use 3D packaging technology for any CPU products on the published product roadmap.

This news was announced by Intel in a recent investor speech, and Twitter user @dylan522p announced this information. Each Sapphire Rapids will contain 4 small chips, each small chip has 15 CPU cores, but one will be disabled, so up to 56 cores, and there are models with HBM2E. Granite Rapids will be an upgraded version of Sapphire Rapids. The process technology will be upgraded from the original Intel 7 to Intel 4, and the EMIB interconnect packaging technology will still be used, as seen from the official renderings, there are at least three chips on Granite Rapids. The two big ones in the middle should be computing chips, which are much larger in size than the ones on Sapphire Rapids. The upper and lower four small chips should be HBM memory. The rectangular chips on the left and right sides are not sure what they are.
Granite Rapids is expected to be launched in 2023, and Intel will launch Diamond Rapids in 2024. As for what it will look like, I don’t really know.