Intel Core i9-12900K single-threaded results leak

With the release of Intel’s 12th-generation Core series processors approaching, more and more related test results have been leaked recently. But before Intel officially releases the Alder Lake processor, these can only be used as a reference. After all, some settings on the platform based on it may affect the performance of the processor, resulting in a relatively large deviation in the results.

The benchmarks leaked by Bilibili show that a certain model of processor scored 825 points in the CPU-Z single-threaded benchmark test, which is 27% higher than the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X processor’s 648 scores. It is also nearly 20% higher than the 682 scores of the current Core i9-11900K processor. Although the multi-threaded benchmark test results have been blurred, it can be seen that the two processors have comparable results. The picture does not show the specific model of the processor, but it can be basically judged as Intel’s Core i9-12900K processor (8C+8c/24T) through 24 threads.

As can be seen from the leaked pictures, Intel’s first big.LITTLE hybrid architecture x86 desktop processor that will be launched on the desktop platform should have good performance whether it is single-threaded or multi-threaded. Especially single-threaded, compared with the current processors on the market, there is a larger lead. However, a considerable number of users may be worried about its power consumption and heating issues and have doubts about the performance of the 10nm Enhanced SuperFin process.