Telegram may launch subscription service, including membership badges and unlocking advanced sticker effects

The well-known encrypted communication application Telegram is currently completely open-source and free to use. But since last year, Telegram has already placed advertisements on channels with more than 1,000 subscribers, and if you want to place advertisements, the capital threshold is extremely high. For a free application, it is understandable to add some advertisements to maintain income.

But now Telegram may be preparing new features called “Telegram Premium,” which could come with a host of new premium features. The reverse engineer found the related code in the Telegram code. Alessandro Paluzzi, a well-known reverse engineer, said that Telegram seems to want to launch a subscription service in the future, which may provide more advanced stickers and additional special effects. Telegram has not mentioned any news of Telegram Premium so far, so it is still unknown what features will be included.

For Telegram, providing membership subscription services is obviously a good way to increase revenue. In contrast, Discord, which is more popular among young people and games, has no advertisements and relies on paid value-added services to maintain revenue, but it is not very optimistic because there are not so many paying users.