Microsoft has fixed the flash screen problem in Windows 11 Safe mode

Recently, some users found that after installing the latest update of Windows 11, if they enter the safe mode without a network, the screen will flash wildly. On the contrary, if the user chooses the safe mode with networking, it can be used normally. This problem did not get a response from Microsoft at first, but Microsoft has already started to fix it.

Microsoft deploys updates directly on the server through the known issue rollback technology, and now users can resume use without installing any updates and entering safe mode.

In a support document, Microsoft says the Safe mode doesn’t work when it is started using the “Safe Mode without Networking” option. Although the company has released an emergency server-side update, if Safe Mode still doesn’t work, you should try launching it with Networking enabled. Please note that the server update may take 24 hours to revert the fault code and propagate the fix automatically to consumer devices.