Team Group is preparing an SSD with integrated water cooling

Team Group has released a video trailer. They will hold a TeamEvent 2021 on September 23. At that time, they will launch a variety of next-generation storage products, including integrated water-cooled SSDs and next-generation DDR5 memory.

Team Group launched the first SSD T-Force Cardea Liquid SSD with a water-cooled radiator in 2019. However, this SSD is actually only equipped with a radiator with water-cooled liquid inside on the ordinary M.2 SSD. Since the water-cooling liquid does not flow and there is no cold exhaust, its role is only to increase the heat capacity. Now their upcoming Cardea Liquid II SSD uses an integrated water-cooled radiator.

Cardea Liquid II SSD

In Team Group’s trailer, we can only see the silhouette of this SSD. It is certain that it uses an integrated water-cooled radiator, but the size of the cold row is not easy to judge. It may be a conventional 120 cold row or a smaller 80/90 cold row. In addition, it is hard to guess what the SSD body is. In theory, it should be an AIC card if integrated water cooling is used. However, if the ARGB interface next door is used as a reference, this is probably only an M.2 SSD.

In addition, Team Group is also preparing to launch Cardea A440 PRO SSD, M200 mobile SSD, VULCAN DDR5 memory, DELTA RGB DDR5 memory, and other new products. No surprises, Team Group’s SSD products will launch this time are all PCI-E 4.0, and the mobile SSD may be USB 3.2 Gen 2*2.