Team Group adopts ELITE DDR5 Standard Memory in 6400MHz

Team Group announced that its ELITE U-DIMM DDR5 standard memory has made a new breakthrough, launching the first DDR5-6400 memory that meets the JEDEC standard. The new products ensure compatibility with next-generation platforms, allowing consumers to easily enjoy the upgraded performance of the DDR5 generation.

In order to allow the DDR5 memory module to stably reach a speed of 6400MHz and above, Team Group introduced the CKD (client clock driver) component specially designed for DDR5 memory. Its biggest function is to strengthen and buffer the high-frequency signal from the CPU and output it to the memory module stably. When the high-frequency requirements are met, it can still stably maintain the high-performance requirements of high-speed transmission. While researching and developing, Team Group also cooperates closely with motherboard manufacturers to conduct strict compatibility tests. Whether it is a desktop or a notebook memory module, it can provide consumers with high-quality and complete compatibility products to meet the needs of different systems.

With the deepening of technology development, Team Group is currently applying the CKD solution to the DDR5 memory modules of its T-FORCE e-sports brand and T-CREATE creator brand. The goal is to increase the frequency of the overclocking memory module to 9000MHz or above, to provide players with a faster gaming experience, and to provide creators with a stable and high-performance data processing solution. Team Group stated that it will be committed to providing a variety of DDR5 solutions, providing high-quality, high-performance, and highly compatible DDR5 memory modules to meet the diverse needs of global consumers.