Kingmax Launches Horizon Series DDR5 Memory

Kingmax announced the launch of the Horizon series DDR5 memory, which fully supports Intel’s 13th generation Core processors and Z790 motherboards, as well as AMD Ryzen 7000 series processors and 600 series motherboards. According to Kingmax, the Horizon series DDR5 memory can take full advantage of the overclocking capabilities of Intel XMP 3.0 and AMD EXPO, thus bringing fully satisfying performance to speed-hungry gamers, overclocking enthusiasts, and creators.

The Horizon series DDR5 memory is very low-key in appearance design, and the aluminum heat sink equipped can effectively improve heat dissipation efficiency. It fully complies with the JEDEC standard and provides three frequencies, namely 5200MHz, 5600MHz, and 6000MHz. Its latency is CL36 and its working voltage is 1.25V. It will provide single and double packs, and the capacity can be 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB to meet the purchase needs of different consumers. In addition, the QVL certification of many motherboard manufacturers proves that the Horizon series DDR5 memory has good compatibility with the new platform.

The running speed of DDR5 memory is much higher than that of the predecessor DDR4 memory. The new dual-channel architecture divides the internal 64-bit data bandwidth into two 32-bit channels; the IC has its own On-die ECC debugging mechanism, which can repair the DRAM unit by its own function, so it has higher stability and minimizes errors. The memory is equipped with a power management IC (PMIC), which moves power management from the motherboard to the memory, better optimizes the load and achieves the best power distribution.

According to Kingmax, the Horizon series DDR5 memory uses a lead-free manufacturing process, complies with the EU’s RoHS and CE requirements, and is unremittingly committed to the highest quality. In order to provide consumers with the best memory products, Kingmax will conduct the strictest inspection and testing on them before delivery.