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Zen 4c cores

AMD launches Ryzen 7040U series processor with Zen 4c cores

AMD’s innovative Phoenix 2 chip, embracing a Zen 4 and Zen 4c hybrid architecture, was initially deployed in the handheld gaming market through the Ryzen Z1 processor. AMD, however, did not confine this chip’s...

AMD Ryzen 7040U

Smaller chips exist for the AMD Ryzen 7040U series

During her keynote address at CES 2023, Dr. Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD, unveiled the Ryzen 7040 series, code-named “Phoenix Point/Phoenix 1”, an innovative mobile processor based on the next-generation Zen 4 architecture....

Ryzen 7040U

AMD unveils the new Ryzen 7040U series processors

AMD unveils the new Ryzen 7040U series processors, primarily designed for thin and light laptops, offering enhanced computational and graphical performance while supporting extended battery life. Constructed using the Zen 4 architecture, the Ryzen...