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ProArt PA32UCXR monitor

ASUS releases ProArt PA32UCXR monitor

ASUS is poised to unveil a fresh entrant to their esteemed ProArt lineup: the mini-LED monitor christened “ProArt PA32UCXR.” ASUS heralds this masterpiece as the pioneer mini-LED monitor to seamlessly integrate a colorimeter with...

LG UltraGear OLED

LG Unveils UltraGear Series OLED Gaming Monitor

LG announced the launch of the new UltraGear series of gaming monitors, including the 32GQ950, 32GQ850, and 48GQ900, all of which provide HDMI 2.1 interfaces and support variable refresh rates (VRR). With an all-new...

AOC CU34P2C monitor

AOC launches CU34P2C ultra-wide curved monitor

AOC announced the launch of the CU34P2C monitor, the latest addition to its business-focused P2 series. The stand features brushed aluminum craftsmanship and a three-sided frameless design that matches well with today’s office and...