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compromise TLS traffic

Kaspersky: Russian hackers can compromise TLS traffic

Browser manufacturers are implementing features such as HTTPS and TLS encryption to prevent sites from tracking users through various technologies. However, a particularly notorious group from Russia used COMPfun Trojan which “allowed us to...

19-year-old hacker

Russian search company Yandex was hacked

Russia’s largest Internet service provider, Yandex was infiltrated by intelligence agencies such as the United States last year but was discovered in time. The cyber attack is a five-eye alliance of the United States,...

Microsoft Azure to host malwares

Hackers use Microsoft Azure to host malwares and C2 Servers

AppRiver cybersecurity company found that Azure Cloud Services still has security issues from phishing templates to malware and command and control services. The research found that its root cause is in Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure....