Sat. Jul 11th, 2020

US Customs and Border Protection was hacked and a large number of passenger photos and vehicle photos were stolen

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The US Customs and Border Protection Bureau was attacked by hackers, and a large number of passengers entering photos and vehicle photos have been stolen. The news has now been officially confirmed by the Protection Agency. In the mail, the protection bureau said that the photos were first transferred to the subcontracting company and then stolen. It is worth noting that this issue is not the invasion of the US Customs and Border Protection Agency itself, but the subcontracting company’s illegal operation and then hacked.

“hacker” by zodman is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The US Customs and Border Protection said that the security incident was first discovered at the end of last month and that a subcontracting company had unauthorized downloading of passenger information. The information was illegally transferred to the subcontracting company’s internal network, and then the hacker organization attacked the subcontracting company to successfully steal all passenger information. The bureau also said that the subcontracting company had violated the mandatory security regulations and privacy provisions stipulated in the contract, but the agency did not disclose the name of the subcontracting company.

Perhaps, it is suspected that the hacker may have already broken the internal network of the subcontracting company. The hacker organization is likely to have lurked in the internal network of the subcontracting company and then found valuable information to decide to start and steal all the data.

The US Customs and Border Protection Service handles up to 1 million inbound passengers a day, and the agency also holds image information for a large number of passengers. However, it is said that this safety incident only affects passengers entering through the land without affecting passengers entering the airport. It is not clear how much data has been leaked.

Passengers entering the United States as prescribed by the agency are photographed by agency officials or automatically scanned and photographed using an artificial intelligence machine and stored on the server. At present, no hacker organization has announced that it is related to this attack, and it is also unclear what the purpose of hacking the information of these passengers is.

Source: fox5ny