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Nvidia H100 computing card

Nvidia is preparing a higher-capacity H100 computing card

In the previous year’s GTC 2022, NVIDIA unveiled its new generation H100, based on the Hopper architecture, for use in next-generation accelerated computing platforms. Possessing 80 billion transistors, it utilizes a CoWoS 2.5D wafer-level...

TSMC CFET Transistor

TSMC will increase advanced packaging capacity

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI), High-Performance Computing (HPC), and personal computing have been the impetus behind the advancement of cutting-edge processes and packaging technologies. The demand in the market is burgeoning rapidly. As...

GH100 GPU 140 billion transistors

Nvidia AI GPU demand surges

Over the past few months, the fever for artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT has been spreading globally, propelling an increasing number of tech firms to commit to related research and development. Multimodal large-scale language...