Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

Symantec will close the Norton ConnectSafe service on November 15th

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Symantec launched Norton DNS in 2010 and renamed it to Norton ConnectSafe in 2014. The service was born in the era when large Internet companies began offering public and free DNS services, and Symantec promised that the service would make users’ Internet connections safer, faster, more reliable, and targeted to individuals and the default DNS service. Family use is free. Norton ConnectSafe supports multiple DNS IP addresses designed to help users avoid malicious websites and websites with unwanted or offensive content.

Recently, Symantec announced that with the change of business focus and investment direction, the Norton ConnectSafe service would be deactivated from November 15, 2018, that is, the free service will no longer be available. As the service stops providing, the current user will not be able to connect to the Internet site.

Symantec does not provide a direct alternative to users, and they recommend configuring the network adapter settings and removing the Norton ConnectSafe DNS server address as soon as possible before the ConnectSafe service is terminated.