December 5, 2020

Microservices Framework ServiceComb becomes an Apache top-level project

1 min read

The microservices framework Apache ServiceComb has graduated as the Apache Top Level Project (TLP). The ServiceComb project Champion and mentor, Apache Foundation director Roman Shaposhnik announced the news on Twitter and said that ServiceComb has grown too fast.

The ServiceComb microservices framework was opened by Huawei in June 2017 and officially entered the Apache Software Foundation incubation in December 2017. It took only more than ten months from incubation to graduation.

ServiceComb has a strong technical background and team before it is open source. It originates from the Huawei Cloud CSE Micro Service Engine (Cloud Service Engine) platform. CSE has been in business for more than three years in Huawei, which has precipitated the high-performance and low-latency capabilities of the telecom industry. After the experience of Huawei VMALL Mall, it has accumulated experience in Huawei’s internal micro-service architecture evolution.