Surface department is hiring SoC architecture director

In recent years, more and more companies tend to develop their own chips for use in their products or businesses. The most obvious example is Apple, which has switched to self-developed chips to replace Intel x86 processors since it was announced last year. After being applied to the product line, a number of products equipped with M1 chips have been launched. This year, M1 Pro and M1 Max have been released continuously, and their performance has been continuously improved. In addition, companies like AWS also use the self-developed Graviton2 in their own huge cloud data center and improve the operational efficiency of their business through targeted design.
Surface Duo 2 price
Recently, Microsoft Surface Department released new recruitment, the position is “Director of SoC Architecture.” The job requirements mentioned “Collaborate with business, industrial design, user experience, hardware, software, test, and manufacturing teams to influence and define technology and product roadmaps“, and “define and enable the SoC technologies portfolio for future generations of products.” In addition, Microsoft has two related positions being recruited, one is “Director of IP Architecture” and the other is “Lead SoC Competitive Analysis Engineer – Silicon Architecture.” Enterprise recruitment often indicates the development trend of the business. This recruitment is not the same as last year’s recruitment of chip designers for Azure cloud computing. It is mainly for consumer-level Surface products. This makes people have to believe that Microsoft seems to be really moving this time, developing custom chips for its own product line like Apple.
In fact, there were media reports last year that Microsoft is designing chips for its own servers and Surface products. There are also reports that Microsoft may cooperate with AMD to design a custom processor based on the Arm architecture for Windows PCs. Last month, AMD’s CFO Devinder Kumar said that if necessary, AMD will be ready to invest in Arm processors again.