SubProber: powerful and efficient subdomain scanning tool

Subprober – A Fast Multi-Purpose Http Probing Tool for Penetration Testing

Subprober is a powerful and efficient tool designed for penetration testers and security professionals. This release introduces several enhancements, bug fixes, and new features to elevate your subdomain probing experience. Subprober facilitates fast and reliable information extraction, making it an invaluable asset for penetration testing workflows.


  • Fast and configurable probings
  • Supported Inputs: hosts, URLS, IPs
  • Supports multiple methods http requests
  • Supports proxies and customizable Header for probing
  • Progress your probing tasks
  • New Probing configurations

    • -ip : finds the ips of urls
    • -cn : find the cname of urls
    • -maxr : maximum redirection for url
    • -ra : enable random agent to probe with random agent
    • -X : custom method for urls to probe
    • -H : set custom header for urls to probe
    • -sc : removed default to show response code and this flag to improve the subprober I/O
  • Headless

    • -ss : enable to probe and take screenshots for urls (required: chormedriver, geckodriver to be installed)
    • -st : set a timeout value for urls to take screenshots
    • -bt : select your browser type to take screenshots

Multi-Purpose Http Probing Tool

Subprober headless configurations:

  1. Requirement: Subprober now offers a new headless screenshot feature, but before using it, you need to ensure you have the appropriate browser and driver installed. This feature supports both Chrome and Firefox browsers.

  2. Browser and Driver Compatibility: It’s crucial to match the versions of the browser and driver. If you’re using Chrome, ensure that the installed Chromedriver version matches your Chrome browser version. The same applies if you’re using Firefox and Geckodriver.

  3. Installation Guide: If you’re unsure how to install Chrome browser and Chromedriver there are helpful resources available. For example, you can refer to this blog for a step-by-step installation guide. It provides detailed instructions to set up Chrome browser and Chromedriver in system executable path

  4. Following the Guide: Follow the guide carefully to ensure that you install the browser and driver correctly. It’s essential to pay attention to version compatibility and to execute the installation steps accurately.

  5. Browser Selection: Subprober allows users to choose their preferred browser type for taking screenshots. You can opt for either Chrome or Firefox, depending on your preference and requirements.

  6. Usage: Once you’ve installed the browser and driver, you can configure Subprober to utilize the headless screenshot feature. Make sure to specify the browser type (Chrome or Firefox) and ensure that the versions are compatible.

Install & Use

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