Strong assistance in NAND and DRAM business, Samsung returns to No. 1 in the semiconductor market

Compared with the shortage of chips such as GPU, the market still has a strong demand for SSD and memory in the Q2 quarter that just passed this year. In addition, the production capacity is relatively sufficient, which helps semiconductor companies that are mainly engaged in NAND and DRAM two types of business to maintain revenue growth, and Samsung Electronics has taken this to climb the first position in the semiconductor market.

Samsung 768GB DDR5 memory

In IC Insight’s latest The McClean Report, Samsung Electronics’ total semiconductor business revenue in the Q2 quarter was US$20.29 billion, an increase of 19% from the previous quarter. This is the first time that Samsung has returned to the top position in the semiconductor market after nearly three years since the Q3 quarter of 2018. The South Korean electronics giant had a contribution of $19.26 billion in the integrated circuit business during the quarter, while only $1.03 billion was the revenue of other IC components such as sensors and optoelectronic components.

As for Intel, which has occupied the top position for a long time, it only increased by 3% in Q2, with total revenue of $19.3 billion. Samsung was able to surpass Intel mainly due to the substantial increase in market demand for NAND and DRAM in the past quarter. Intel’s share in these two parts is not large and does not produce. What is more interesting is that when Samsung reached the top of the semiconductor market in 2018, it relied on the shipments of NAND and DRAM that were in short supply at the time.

However, Intel is still firmly in the first place in the logic semiconductor segment, and after the two semiconductor giants, TSMC is in third place. There is still a 3% increase from the previous month to $13.31 billion. The fourth place is Sk Hynix. They also used the growth of NAND demand and achieved a 21% growth from the previous quarter, reaching $9.21 billion in revenue during the quarter.