Steam Releases 2022 Year in Review: Total data downloaded by players reaches 44.7EB

The Steam team launched the annual review function at the end of December 2022. Players can view their most frequently played games, consecutive game days, unlocked achievements, preferred types, etc. in a year. Recently, the Steam team released the 2022 annual review of the platform.

The review summary is roughly divided into four parts:

  • Work that was largely driven by Steam Deck
  • The customer experience of discovering and playing games
  • Tools focused on removing friction and adding value for game developers and publishers
  • A data update on how the platform continues to grow.

Steam Deck was officially released in February 2022. It experienced a severe shortage at the beginning, but players’ enthusiasm for buying it is still high. With the increase in production capacity, this problem has been greatly alleviated. The Steam team stated that it will continue to promote the improvement of Proton and SteamOS.

In addition to multiple optimizations for Steam Deck, the Steam team is also working hard to improve the experience for players to find and play games. The genre hubs of the store have been revamped, and players can also search or filter by the language supported by the game. The mobile version of the Steam application has also received an update. Players can log in to the PC version of Steam by scanning the QR code and managing the logged-in PC on the “Authorized Devices” page. For developers and publishers, the Steam team has optimized the tools and UI for submitting prices, making it easier to manage and update product pricing in dozens of currencies; updated currency conversion recommendations to inform pricing decisions.

In terms of platform growth data, at the end of October 2022, the number of simultaneous online users on Steam exceeded the 30 million mark, and it was only a year and a half since the number of online users exceeded 20 million for the first time. More online users also mean a greater amount of data downloads. In 2022, the total amount of data downloaded by players reached 44.7EB.

The increase in the number of online users is also inseparable from high-quality games. The Steam team said that in addition to 3A masterpieces, independent hit games launched by new game studios also performed well in 2022. Of the top releases tracked each month, 85 titles come from studios releasing games on Steam for the first time. Some popular free games are also very attractive to players. The number of players who spend on the Steam platform for the first time in 2022 also increased sharply, with an average of 83,000 new players who buy for the first time every day.