Steam Hardware & Software Survey in December 2022: The share of GTX 1650 dropped slightly

In the Steam hardware survey results in November 2022, GeForce GTX 1650 surpassed GeForce GTX 1060 for the first time, ranking first in the graphics card share list. In the December Steam hardware survey report released by Valve recently, GeForce GTX 1650 still ranks first in graphics card share, and its share dropped slightly by 0.06% from 6.27% in November to 6.21%.

The top three graphics card share rankings in December have not changed compared to November. The second and third are GTX 1060 and RTX 2060, with graphics card shares of 5.65% and 4.65% respectively. The fourth place is GTX 1050 Ti, its market share is 4.41%, down 0.19% compared to November, but because the RTX 3060 mobile version has a larger drop of 0.6%, the ranking of GTX 1050 Ti has risen from the fifth place in November to fourth place. The fifth and sixth are RTX 3060 mobile version and RTX 3060 desktop version, with graphics card shares of 4.03% and 3.88% respectively.

In terms of processor share, 67.91% of PC-side Steam users chose Intel processors, an increase of 0.71% compared to November; 32.06% of PC-side Steam users use AMD processors, a decrease of 0.71% compared to November. The share of six-core processors dropped significantly in November, and increased by 0.45% in December, with a share of 33.97%. was 29.84%.

In terms of operating system share, Windows 10 64-bit system still ranks first with absolute advantage, with a share of 68.04%, down 0.21% from November. Windows 11 64-bit systems saw an increase of 0.45%, with a share of 29.56%. The share of Windows 7 64-bit systems decreased by 0.23% compared with November, and the share was 1.73%.