Steam Deck with an expanded 32GB of memory is possible

As one of the most popular digital hardware in recent years, the Steam Deck is not only utilized for actual gaming but also engenders a passionate fascination among players for tinkering. Activities such as replacing the SSD, altering the keys, and substituting a transparent back shell are now considered elementary. Currently, there is an even more advanced maneuver available: upgrading the Steam Deck with an expanded 32GB of memory.

The standard Steam Deck is equipped with 16GB of LPDDR5 memory, a quantity sufficient for running the Linux system and gaming. Valve has no immediate plans to launch a new Steam Deck model with increased memory. However, a modification enthusiast named Balázs Triszka was curious to see if the Steam Deck could support a larger content volume. Like a typical laptop (or graphics card), the Steam Deck’s memory chips are BGA soldered to the motherboard and not packaged with the CPU, leaving room for potential modification.

The essential process of upgrading the Steam Deck’s memory is not overly complex. Initially, the existing memory chips must be removed using a hot air gun, after which the larger capacity chips are tinned and soldered back onto the PCB. Many mobile repair shops offer similar services for increasing the storage capacity of iPhones and MacBook Pros, so Steam Deck players interested in such alterations can purchase identical memory chips and have them replaced at a repair shop.

From the screenshots released by this Modder, it appears that the Steam Deck system can smoothly recognize the 32GB of memory. However, he has not yet tested whether the upgrade has led to any performance changes in the Steam Deck, and further benchmark tests may be forthcoming. Nonetheless, with such a successful example, it is reasonable to believe that other highly skilled players will also attempt to upgrade their memory.