Steam Deck will officially ship on February 28

After several bounces last year and this year, Steam Deck finally has an exact shipping date, which is February 28. Valve had already opened Steam Deck reservations in some regions as early as July last year, but due to the epidemic and supply chain restrictions, Steam Deck, originally scheduled to ship in 2021, has been delayed until February 2022.

Valve recently gave the exact release date of Steam Deck. It said on its official website that it will ship to the first players who pre-order Steam Deck on February 25. Players can confirm the purchase within 72 hours after receiving the relevant email, otherwise, the purchase qualification will be transferred to the next player. From February 28th, Valve will also release a new batch of Steam Decks every week, and others that have not been pre-ordered can be pre-ordered at that time.

In order to cooperate with the official release of Steam Deck, Valve has been making preparations, including releasing the list of the first Steam Deck compatible games last week. Among them, nearly 50% of the games can run smoothly, while most of the other games are compatible except for one or two small problems. In addition, Valve recently announced the dynamic cloud synchronization function for Steam Deck, which allows Steam Deck to automatically upload and save files to the cloud so that players can play the latest game save files anytime, anywhere.

But even if you can’t buy Steam Deck, there are still many Windows handhelds on the market to choose from. More importantly, AMD has also recently released mobile processors using the RDNA 2 architecture. The specification of up to 12 CUs can be said to be a big step beyond the current handheld consoles, so if you want to play handheld consoles, you can also wait and see.