Steam Deck already supports Xbox cloud gaming

The Linux handheld Steam Deck has been shipped before. Judging from the feedback from players, this product works well, which proves that Valve has done a good job in advance. Since its hardware base is a common x86 platform, it has very high playability, even if you want to install Windows 10, it is not a problem.

install Windows Steam Deck
Microsoft announced that Steam Deck now supports Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta), and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users can use Steam Deck through the Microsoft Edge Beta browser. Microsoft Edge community manager MSFTMissy took to Reddit to describe how his team partnered with Valve and Xbox Cloud Gaming to achieve this feat and assured that this is just the beginning of the Microsoft Edge gaming story.

MSFTMissy said:

We’re particularly excited about this ourselves as we feel it can open new opportunities in the Linux gaming community. Additionally, you can still play a range of titles from Xbox Game Studios natively on Steam Deck today. Please check here for a list of verified games. Our new support article goes over how to install both Edge Beta and get Xbox Cloud Gaming set up but know that this is just the beginning of the story for gaming on Edge. :3