Vavle has provided Windows 10 system driver support for Steam Deck

Although Steam Deck is factory-installed with Steam OS based on a Linux system, its hardware is actually a common x86 platform. Therefore, there has long been a way to switch the Valve PC handheld to the Windows system on the Internet, but some hardware does not have driver support. However, Valve is very supportive of this matter, and the action quickly released the important driver under Windows today.

install Windows Steam Deck

Valve said that Steam Deck is a PC, so they allow users to choose the operating system they want. After installing Windows, it is only missing some drivers. Now Valve provides GPU, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers for everyone. The audio driver needs to be studied with AMD and other suppliers. At present, users can use Bluetooth or USB-C headphones.

However, in the official announcement, Valve also stated that since Steam Deck has not yet done a dual-system launcher, users can only choose one for the time being. The Windows system will be fully installed into Steam Deck, and if you want to go back to Steam OS, you need to use the method of restoring the image. In addition, because the BIOS does not yet have fTPM support, Steam Deck cannot currently support Windows 11, and can only install Windows 10, but Valve will soon launch a new version of the BIOS.
It is estimated that Valve originally wanted to run Windows systems on Steam Deck, but because Windows systems require licensing fees, Valve also wanted Steam Deck to maintain more friendly pricing, so it switched to Linux. Steam Deck needs to support games under Windows through a compatibility layer, which is indeed a bit of a circle. But it’s great that Valve can give users the freedom to choose.