Apple Mac Studio teardown: Internal reserved SSD slot

Apple’s newest Mac Studio desktop computer for content creators. Its biggest highlight is that it is equipped with Apple’s top and most powerful M1 Ultra chip, although Apple’s official website also released the internal structure diagram of Mac Studio, if you want to see more detailed internal hardware, you still have to look at the dismantling of private third parties. After receiving the freshly arrived Mac Studio, Max Tech immediately dismantled it to explore the inside.

Judging from the video released by Max Tech, Mac Studio is actually not as difficult to disassemble as it seems. The screw of the machine is hidden in the bottom circular rubber ring. After removing the four screws, the top cover can be removed, and it is worth noting that, Mac Studio actually made the Wi-Fi antenna on the edge of the bottom cover, and the fuselage will have three contacts to connect.

First of all, the bottom layer inside the Mac Studio is the power adapter with a power of 370W. After removing the power adapter, you can see the motherboard part. It is very surprising that there is an SSD slot reserved on the motherboard. The default 1TB SSD is also removable.

As for the other side of the motherboard, it’s the twin-turbo fan radiator that occupies most of the Mac Studio’s volume. This time, the M1 Ultra version also uses copper heat pipes to dissipate heat. After removing the radiator, the real body of the M1 Ultra is really big, but it is actually because it adopts a unified memory design, so most of the chip area is memory, only the middle section is the core components such as CPU, GPU, and NPU, and M1 Ultra is spliced ​​by two M1 Max through UltraFusion technology.