South Africa’s Johannesburg city was attacked by ransomware

South Africa’s largest city, Johannesburg, caused some residents to lose power supply in July this year due to ransomware attacks, and now it is once again the target of ransomware attacks. The hacker organization, which claims to be Shadow Kill Hackers, asked for a ransom of 4 bitcoins after ransomware infected the city’s internal network, requiring a transfer before 5 pm local time on October 28.

PGA ransomware

Based on the current currency rate, this is equivalent to US$30,000. The hacker said that if they refused to pay the ransom, they would upload the city government’s data to the Internet. The hackers said in the blackmail notice that they invaded the city government’s servers and implanted dozens of backdoors, controlling everything, including all passwords and sensitive data such as financial and demographic information.

The municipality has shut down all IT infrastructure, including websites, payment portals, and other electronic services. The official Twitter account of the city government confirmed that it was invaded.

Via: straitstimes