Sony will release firmware to unlock PS5’s SSD expansion in the summer

Sony’s PS5 onboard solid-state drive has a capacity of 825GB, and the remaining onboard space that can be used by actual users is actually only 667GB after deducting the space occupied by the system.

For players, if they want to download and store more games, the onboard disk is not enough, so the extended solid-state disk that comes with the device becomes the best choice.

It is worth noting that there is currently no support for expanding the location of the solid-state drive. Sony said that it needs to pass a compatibility test before it will push the firmware to the user to unlock it.

The report released by Bloomberg a few days ago shows that Sony will push the firmware to unlock PS5’s SSD expansion in the summer, so players only need to wait and get the new firmware.

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Bloomberg reported that the new firmware released by Sony in the summer not only unlocks the location of the extended solid-state disk but also helps the device to enhance heat dissipation and improve heat dissipation efficiency.

The reason is that the onboard solid-state disk itself has a large amount of heat. If the user uses an extended solid-state disk, it will obviously continue to increase the heat and need to strengthen the heat dissipation.

In this regard, Sony will use algorithms to optimize and balance the operating efficiency of the fan to achieve the best heat dissipation effect, ensuring that consumers will not overheat when using two solid-state drives.

It should be noted that the above news reported by Bloomberg is not official Sony news. Sony officials have not disclosed when users will be allowed to use expansion disks.