Sony: ‘Uncharted 4’ will land on the PC platform

In February of this year, Sony revealed that although the PlayStation 5 is selling well, it is still a loss-making sale. However, recently, Sony shared a report showing that it is very likely that by June this year, PlayStation 5 will basically reach a balance of payments and even achieve profitability.

In the context of a global chip shortage, PlayStation 5 has been in short supply since it was released on November 12 last year. Even so, PlayStation 5 still has very good sales results. According to Sony’s data, as of the first quarter of this year, 7.8 million units have been shipped, of which 4.5 million units were sold in 2020 and 3.3 million units were sold in the first three months of this year. Such sales figures are higher than The level of PlayStation 4 in the same time period after its release.

“[PS4]Uncharted 4” by Luka Zou is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Recently, the overall price of the PC platform has risen sharply, and the price of special graphics cards has soared, making many gamers prefer a more balanced and reasonable game console between performance and price. Many PC gamers have also temporarily given up on upgrading their PCs, preferring to buy a game console to play the newly launched games.

Profitability is not the only highlight in the report. Sony also stated that “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” will be launched on the PC platform. Previously, the “Uncharted” series has been an exclusive 3A masterpiece on the PlayStation series. In fact, Sony has promised earlier that it will launch more exclusive works on the PlayStation series to the PC platform.