Sony reportedly considering adding ads in free-to-play PlayStation games

A while ago, there was news that Microsoft is considering adding ads to Xbox games, and now it seems that Sony is also thinking of a piece in this regard, because there have been recent reports that Sony is also considering doing the same thing, adding ads to games on the PlayStation platform.

According to Business Insider, Sony is planning and reviewing ways to encourage developers to continue developing free-to-play PlayStation games, including new ways to monetize a free-to-play game. Currently, ads on PlayStation games are largely limited to in-menu ads and while streaming video on some apps. Developers and publishers can use in-menu ads to promote their other games on the PlayStation Store.
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But the report said Sony is working with other ad tech companies to create new publicity opportunities for developers of free-to-play games. These ads will be displayed directly within the game, but in order to make them appear as natural and unobtrusive as possible, ads can be displayed using things like billboards in sports games. On the other hand, the developer may also be able to issue some rewards such as skins to those players who watch the ad. It is reported that Sony started the project as early as 18 months ago, and is expected to launch before the end of this year.

In addition, Business Insider also pointed out that Sony is currently very strict in the screening of advertising technology companies, and it is also preparing to collect some personal resources of users, such as email addresses and their names. As for how to profit from these ads, Sony has not yet decided on a plan, but sources said that Sony is considering selling these personal data about users’ activities on the PlayStation platform to game developers and publishers.