Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Sony launches PlayStation bug bounty program

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With the development of the Internet, network security issues have become increasingly complex, and more and more technology companies have begun to establish bounty hunter programs to find security vulnerabilities in their products.

Earlier, Google and Microsoft have launched multiple rounds of bounty hunter programs, and now Sony Interactive Entertainment has begun to establish similar programs to attract white-hat hackers who find vulnerabilities.

White hat hackers refer to security researchers. White hat hackers usually submit vulnerabilities to manufacturers for repair instead of maliciously exploiting them.

Sony Mutual Entertainment’s open bounty hunter program is mainly for PlayStation 4 devices, and the maximum reward for a vulnerability is $50,000.

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In the past, Sony mainly communicated privately with some security researchers to fix vulnerabilities and improve security. At present, many security researchers have cooperated with Sony.

However, Sony also recognizes the valuable role of the security research community in enhancing security, so Sony is pleased to announce wider community cooperation.

Sony believes that by collaborating with the security research community, Sony can provide a safer place, and Sony has partnered with HackerOne to run the program.

Sony also invites security experts, gamers, and anyone else to participate in the overall security of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Network.

Sony’s bounty hunter program will reward various problems, including serious problems on PlayStation 4 and Sony will provide a bug reward of up to $50,000.