Some users cannot start Windows 11 Moment 2 after installing it

Yesterday, Microsoft released the Moment 2 update for Windows 11 22H2, which is currently in beta and will be officially released next month. However, users who manually check for updates can already upgrade, and the new version has attracted many users due to its numerous new features and improvements. Unfortunately, some users have reported that after installing Moment 2 KB5022913 (Build 22621.1344) and KB5022914 (Build 22623.1344), their system cannot start properly.

Image: Stardock

After conducting a preliminary investigation, Microsoft has discovered that the inability to start Windows 11 is mainly caused by third-party software such as ExplorerPatcher and StartAllBack, which modify and customize the Windows 11 UI. If users have installed such UI modification software, including but not limited to StartAllBack, it may cause Windows 11 to fail to start because these software programs use methods that Microsoft does not support to modify the system.

However, this is not a big problem, as it is the reason why small-scale testing is done prior to release. Another third-party software, Stardock, has confirmed that these issues exist, and developers are currently working on patches to fix them. If you can still access the system but encounter problems with ExplorerPatcher causing the desktop to constantly restart, simply uninstalling these third-party software programs for the time being should suffice. If these software programs have not been updated by March or if you have not upgraded yet, it is best to disable system updates in advance to prevent automatic updates from causing further crashes.