Some consumers have bought the retail version of Intel Core i9-12900K

At the beginning of this year, the German retailer Mindfactory started selling before Intel officially lifted the ban on the 11th-generation Core series processors, which led to the disclosure of various benchmark test results in German technical forums, and the product spread all over the world, but the retailer said Rocket Lake is sold with permission. Since Mindfactory’s sales are limited to Germany, it means that the core i7-11700K processor will be exclusively sold in Germany one month in advance.

The same thing seems to be in the 12th generation Core series processors again. Recently, a Reddit user @Seby9123 had purchased two Intel Core i9-12900K retail versions from retailers nearly two weeks in advance at a price of $610 but did not disclose the specific name of the retailer.

From the picture, it is obvious that the packaging of the Core i9-12900K is very complete, consistent with the previously leaked renderings, and has the correct S-Spec code.

Intel also issued a special statement last time, reiterating the product’s lifting agreement, and said that it will take follow-up actions as appropriate. I don’t know how it will be handled this time. The Core i9-12900K is the flagship model of the 12th-generation Core series processors. It is expected to be released on October 27 and officially released on November 4.