Intel CEO: The chip shortage will last until at least 2023

The supply of chips may be tight in the next two years because Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said in the third-quarter earnings report that chips shortages are expected to last until at least 2023. In an interview, he said: We are now at the worst point. from then on, every quarter next year (the supply situation) will improve, but the market will not achieve a balance of supply and demand until 2023.

The situation of Intel’s main rival AMD seems to be better. CEO Dr. Lisa Su commented on the 2021 Code Conference earlier, although the future supply will still be tight, the situation will improve in 2022 with the increase of production capacity.

Intel 11th Gen Core B

Intel’s revenue fell in the third quarter of this year. The revenue of the customer computing department responsible for the production of desktop and notebook CPUs fell by 2%, and the sales volume of notebooks fell by 5%. Intel said that notebook manufacturers do not have enough parts to produce notebooks, and this is also the main reason for the recent decline in notebook sales.

It is true that the shortage of chips is an important factor leading to the shortage of components, but at the same time, it is more because of the shortage of different components at the same time. Intel may have a CPU to supply but the manufacturer maybe lack LCD or WiFi. Data centers are particularly affected because they lack power chips and some network-related chips.

Intel’s revenue from desktop CPUs makes up for the loss of some notebooks because revenue in this category has increased by 20%. On the whole, Intel’s revenue increased by 5% year on year, reaching $18.1 billion.