Intel Core i9-12900K benchmark results leaked again

Although there is still some time before Intel officially releases the 12th-generation Core series processors, a lot of information related to Alder Lake processors has been exposed. In addition to Intel’s proactive disclosure of Alder Lake’s architecture, technology, and performance indicators in various previous official events, with the outflow of ES or QS versions of Alder Lake processors, sporadic private tests continue to appear.

Previously, Core i9-12900K (8C+8c/24T) and Core i7-12700K (8C+4c/20T) have been tested successively. From the performance point of view, Intel’s first big.LITTLE hybrid architecture x86 desktop processor to be launched on the desktop platform should be very good. The results in the CPU-Z single-thread benchmark test are very good, compared with the current processors on the market, it has been greatly improved, and the multi-thread benchmark test also has good performance.

Recently, the bilibili user 热心市民描边怪 uses a processor (apparently Core i9-12900K), B660 motherboard, and DDR4-3600 memory (Gear 1 mode), and has done a benchmark test on Windows 11, use a single fan large frost tower without fasteners to dissipate heat. The AVX2 power consumption is 250W and the temperature is around 108 degrees. The user said that compared with AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, the single-threaded performance of this processor is completely suppressed, and the multi-threaded performance is equivalent. Under the 10nm Enhanced SuperFin process, the temperature performance is significantly better than the Core i9-11900K processor.

However, the user also said that the BIOS of the B660 motherboard it uses still needs to be improved, and it is estimated that Intel will update it before the official release. In addition, the processor has a P-Core full-core turbo frequency of 4.9 GHz and an E-Core full-core turbo frequency of 3.7 GHz without TVB support.