Snapchat source code leaked on Github

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app used globally, but recently, the app’s source code has also been hosted on Github. The cause of the incident was that “the handle i5xx”, which is said to be from the village of Tando Bago in Sindh province in southeastern Pakistan, created a resource library called “Source- Snapchat” on GitHub.


Although press time, the copyright of the resource has been based on “the Digital Millennium Copyright Act” (DMCA) request removal company raised Snap GitHub to be removed, the event still caused a great response.

“The repository has a description of “Source Code for SnapChat,” and is written in Apple’s Objective-C programming language. This strongly suggests that the repo contained part or whole of the company’s iOS application, although there’s no way we can know for certain.”

However, at the moment, we are not sure whether it belongs to a small component of the service or a separate project of the company.


As for the identity of the publisher ‘i5xx’, its account information is associated with ‘Khaled Alshehri’, but it is probably a pseudonym. TNW pointed out that its surname is not common in Pakistan.

“The profile also links to an online business in Saudi Arabia offering a mixed bag of tech services, from security scanning and iCloud removal, to software development and the sale of iTunes giftcards.”

Four days ago, GitHub released a DMCA copyright removal request from Snap Inc., but it may have been submitted earlier (online time or more than 2 months).


It should be noted that the tone used by Snap Inc. in the DMCA request (sentences of multiple paragraphs of pure capital letters) conveys a real sense of panic (even if the wording is too late to be more rigorous). The Snapchat source code was leaked and someone put it in the GitHub repository. We are unable to give the exact URL pointer and will not publish it publicly.


However, some insiders pointed out that this leak was not malicious, but a researcher could not convey some of his findings to the company. After GitHub removed the request based on the DMCA, he also threatened to upload the source code again until the company officially responded.

Via: thenextweb