SMIC is said to have obtained a U.S. license

SMIC has obtained a license issued by the U.S. government after the company was blocked by the Trump administration.

The Trump administration banned SMIC and other Chinese technology companies on unwarranted charges and prevented US semiconductor companies from providing SMIC with components and technologies.

At present, some US-based suppliers have obtained licenses issued by the US government, which will allow these suppliers to re-supply products to SMIC.

Global Times said that the licenses obtained by SMIC’s supply chain companies this time mainly cover manufacturing processes such as 14nm.

SMIC supply Huawei

The so-called mature process refers to the mature technology, which corresponds to the advanced process, which mainly refers to the 7nm, 5nm, and other process technologies.

For SMIC, mature technology is currently the most important product. At the same time, SMIC is still using its own strength to develop advanced technology to avoid potential risks.

It is also gratifying to SMIC that the mature technology is now unblocked. After all, the semiconductor industry needs to use global technological capabilities to improve the supply chain.