SK Hynix will soon mass produce DDR5 memory, EUV technology will be added next year

SK Hynix announced plans to start mass production of DDR5 memory in the next few months. It is expected that these memories will be put on the market together with Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake platform this year. SK Hynix showed the first batch of DDR5 core chips and engineering samples as early as 2019, but the memory to be mass-produced is different from the original engineering samples.

SK Hynix 1am DRAM
Prior to this, SK Hynix also provided relevant DDR5 core chips and engineering samples to its partners to verify with the upcoming processor. After mass production in the second half of this year, it will meet the needs of the Intel Alder Lake platform in the consumer market. In the first half of next year, it will also serve the Sapphire Rapids processor in the server market. SK Hynix revealed in the statement: “For DRAM, SK hynix plans to increase the sales of its high-capacity server DRAMs larger than 64 Gigabyte (GB). Additionally, the Company disclosed that it would begin supplying its 1anm DRAMs, which are mass-produced via EUV1) equipment, and mass production of DDR5 DRAM within the second half of this year.”
At the beginning of this month, SK Hynix announced that it will start mass production of 8Gigabit (Gb) LPDDR4 mobile DRAM products based on 1a nm-level process technology this month. This belongs to the fourth-generation 10nm process technology and is a low-power DRAM specification specially developed for mobile terminals. The rate of the new product will stabilize at 4266 Mbps, which is the fastest transfer rate in the standard LPDDR4 mobile DRAM specification. Compared with the previous generation of 1z nm-level process technology, using the same size wafers, the number of DRAM products produced has increased by 25%, and power consumption will be reduced by 20%.

Starting early next year, SK Hynix will apply 1a nm-level process technology to its DDR5 products to replace the first generation of DDR5 products. In addition to starting mass production of DDR5, SK Hynix will also expand the use of 128-layer NAND flash memory in mobile and enterprise products and will mass-produce 176-layer NAND flash memory later this year.