Most Alder Lake motherboards still use the 24Pin interface

Since the official release of the ATX12VO power supply specification at the beginning of last year, Intel has always hoped that the ATX12VO power supply standard can be further promoted. The new specification abandons the old 3.3V and 5V support, and only focuses on 12V. At the same time, it abandons the 24Pin interface in the original motherboard and recreates a new 10Pin interface with pure 12V input. The original 3.3V and 5V are handed over to the motherboard for voltage conversion, and then output.

Intel DG2 benchmark

In Intel’s view, the ATX12VO power supply specification can help desktop computers meet increasingly stringent power consumption standards and environmental protection requirements from governments around the world while improving the power efficiency of the computer host. The test results show that the idle power consumption of the system using the ATX12VO power supply specification power supply can be greatly reduced. For ordinary users and OEM manufacturers, the wiring can be greatly simplified. Therefore, on the upcoming Alder Lake platform, Intel is pushing hard for the ATX12VO power supply specification.

In May of this year, it was reported that many manufacturers are unwilling to redesign their products in order to adapt to the ATX12VO power supply specification, thinking that it is a waste of money and time. According to Twitter user @yuuki_ans, most motherboard manufacturers currently choose to abandon Intel’s ATX12VO power supply specification. On the upcoming Intel 600 series motherboards, including the flagship Z690 motherboards, most motherboard manufacturers have chosen the traditional 24Pin interface, and only a few models will use the new 10Pin interface.

In addition, Intel also requires each motherboard manufacturer to have at least one motherboard that supports the ATX12VO power supply specification, which forces individual manufacturers to provide adapter cables for motherboards that use the new interface. There are policies and countermeasures. It is rumored that although motherboard manufacturers will have motherboards that support the ATX12VO power supply specification, they will not officially release them to meet Intel’s requirements.