SK hynix showed 48GB & 96GB DDR5 memory

At Intel’s “Intel Innovation” summit, SK Hynix showed off some new DDR5 memory modules on site. In addition to DIMMs and SO-DIMMs, there are also RDIMM products. More rarely, there are DDR5 memories with unconventional capacities such as 48GB and 96GB.
All along, most of the memory capacity is increased by the power of 2, such as 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB to 128GB, etc. According to Servethehome, SK Hynix’s 48GB and 96GB are both DDR5 RDIMMs with frequencies of 5600MHz and 6400MHz, the former is likely to be the JEDEC standard frequency supported by Sapphire Rapids.

SK Hynix DDR5 Modules Intel Innovation 2022 3

It is understood that SK hynix continues to promote the development work in this area, and will provide products with a capacity of 192GB next. SK Hynix also demonstrated a 256GB DDR5-5600 RDIMM at the scene, which can allow the server to reach a capacity of 4TB per socket.
SK hynix also explained why it launched 48GB and 96GB of unconventional capacity memory, speculating that it may be related to the price. DDR5 is much more expensive than DDR4 memory in the initial stage. If the capacity continues to double, no matter whether the gap between system capacity and construction cost is large, a breakthrough in capacity can provide customers with a relatively compromised solution.

This unconventional capacity DDR5 memory will not be an exclusive product of SK Hynix. It is rumored that Micron and Samsung are planning to do this, and are developing 48GB and 96GB DDR5 RDIMMs, but they were not exhibited at the scene.