SK hynix is ​​preparing HBM3E samples for NVIDIA

The current boom in the artificial intelligence market is concurrently driving increased demand for high-performance hardware. The three primary graphics card manufacturers are all heavily investing resources in high-performance computing cards. NVIDIA, for instance, is now requesting SK Hynix to provide samples of its next-generation HBM3E memory, ideally within this year.

As reported by Business Korea, SK Hynix has received NVIDIA’s request for HBM3E samples and is preparing for shipment. The company’s HBM3E is still in its development phase, as divulged by Vice President Park Myung-soo during the first-quarter earnings call in April this year. SK Hynix aims to produce 8Gbps HBM3E product samples in the second half of this year and commence mass production in the first half of next year. It is a standard practice to send samples to users for evaluation once product development is complete.

Presently, SK Hynix is leading Samsung in the HBM market. According to TrendForce data, as of last year, SK Hynix held 50% of the global HBM market share, while Samsung possessed 40%.

In June of last year, SK Hynix was the first to mass-produce HBM3, thereby securing a dominant position in the market and supplying NVIDIA’s H100 “Hopper” Tensor Core GPU. If they successfully deliver HBM3E, it will consolidate their preeminent position in the high-performance AI market. After all, NVIDIA commands 90% of the global share of high-performance computing GPUs for AI, further widening the gap between them and their competitor, Samsung.