Seby9123 successfully overclocked the memory to DDR5-11240

The world-renowned memory brand G.Skill showcased an array of new products at the recent COMPUTERX 2023, including a 24GB DDR5-8800 memory. Its 8800MT/s frequency is impressive, but it still falls short of extreme overclockers. Yesterday, G.Skill announced at the Overclocking World Cup 2023, held at COMPUTEX 2023, that the famous American overclocker and the champion of this year’s World Overclocking Competition, Seby9123, successfully overclocked the memory to DDR5-11240, once again setting a new world record for memory overclocking.

As reported by Techpowerup, Seby9123, an elite overclocker who has broken memory overclocking records multiple times, utilized an ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Apex motherboard paired with an Intel Core i9-13900KS processor to achieve this feat. With two active cores (frequency of 5.0 GHz), a substantial amount of liquid nitrogen, and 16 GB of G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB DDR5-7800 memory, he successfully increased the memory frequency by 44%, overclocking it to 11240MT/s. In single-channel mode, the actual frequency was 5620.1 MHz, with timings set to CL62-126-126-127-127-2, and memory voltage parameters remain undisclosed.

In their incessant pursuit of overclocking, demonstrating the epitome of performance, G.Skill has been remarkably proactive. They have invited several of the world’s top extreme overclockers to compete at this year’s grandly returned World Overclocking Competition, showcasing their exquisite overclocking techniques, challenging the performance limits of cutting-edge hardware, and setting numerous new world overclocking records.