Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t seem fazed by Apple’s introduction of the Vision Pro

In an earlier internal staff assembly, Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, reaffirmed his aspirations concerning artificial intelligence, the metaverse, and the revitalization of the company’s cultural development, whilst asserting that Apple’s recently unveiled Vision Pro virtual reality headset has not surpassed Meta’s exploratory ideas within the metaverse realm.

Mark Zuckerberg reiterated his stance on the market’s response to Meta’s bet on metaverse development, elucidating the company’s future aim to amalgamate the advancements in artificial intelligence technology with metaverse strategies. He emphasized the non-uniform application of a single AI technology to meet all product demands, but rather the adoption of distinct AI technologies based on different circumstances.

Image: Meta

Simultaneously, Zuckerberg stressed that AI technology would become an essential element of the company’s future growth, but it does not denote the abandonment of the existing metaverse blueprint; rather, it serves as a critical component of metaverse development.

Addressing the company’s recent large-scale layoffs, Zuckerberg acknowledged the tough decision but emphasized the hope to stabilize and develop a fresh company culture in the post-pandemic era.

Speaking of Apple’s recently revealed Vision Pro virtual reality headset during WWDC 2023, Zuckerberg maintains that this product has not surpassed Meta’s exploration of metaverse applications. Moreover, he underlined that, in contrast to Vision Pro’s high pricing strategy, Meta’s Quest 3 could attract the consumer market at a lower price point, offering more users the chance to participate in the metaverse experience.

Zuckerberg believes that Apple’s entry into the metaverse application competition will afford Meta greater opportunities for development. He criticizes Apple for predominantly offering individual-centric interactive experiences, accentuating that Meta’s pursuit is to allow the masses to interact and foster more intimate relationships through social activities.